Where it all began...

Having scraped a living as a telemarketer, a check-out chick and a DJ after spending six years in a suit for Macquarie Bank, Chris North eventually realised his true calling as a communicator offering the greater Australian public access to stuff best served in the media: putting intelligent conversation between the ads, and great music amid the chat. It also meant he could make use of his other great talent, as a comedian.

Chris's media career has included radio work with 2RE/MAX FM in Taree and as Breakfast Anchor on SEA FM Mackay and The Whitsundays, as well as television work on Channel 7 Local News, Mackay. It gave him the opportunity to start exploring Australia, as well as providing a broad experience that he brings to his current position as On Air Announcer with Triple M. Prior to that, he was On Air Announcer and Audio Producer for VEGA 95.3 in Sydney from 2007-2009.

As a comedian, Chris began his training as many comics do: at university. One reviewer described him as an 'owl-like Stephen Berkoff impersonator'. While earning a degree, he also wrote and performed in several successful college and faculty revues. In 1999, Chris was the second person ever appointed to the role of MC of Victoriana! - Australia's longest running theatrical production, then in its 35th year - performed under the auspices of St Paul's College Union at the University of Sydney. This entailed his leading the cast - with non-stop energy, quick wit and tap dancing - through two weeks of performances before a total audience of some 1200 people.

Taking to stand-up in 2001, Chris ended the year as a NSW State Finalist in the 'Melbourne International Comedy Festival/Triple J Raw Comedy' - the competition that 'unearths' fresh talent. As winner of the NSW final in 2003, Chris's National Final performance received a Special Mention at that year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Despite Chris's best efforts while working in regional media, regional Australia had not yet attained fame for its comedy circuit. So in 2007 he returned to stand-up in Sydney, attaining a writing internship on The Side Show with Paul McDermott (produced by GNW TV for ABC Television). The writing and performing stood him in good stead. In April 2008 Chris performed as a participant at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This year he looks forward to fronting the 45th annual production of Victoriana! While frequently appearing on Sydney's stand-up comedy circuit, he is also heard nationally and internationally as a writer, producer and performer of comedy sketches, parody songs and drop-ins for the American and Australian Comedy Network's Radio Prep Services.

In the world of corporate comedy, Chris has developed a reputation as a sought after MC and Facilitator. He is experienced, versatile and professional, demonstrating the ability to handle diverse situations (that regional media experience again, enabling him to think on his feet!) and maintain flow and continuity, whether it's for an audience of ten or ten thousand. Chris North's humour is inspired, clever, inclusive and, best of all, hilarious.

clients include:

  • Wakakirri National Story Festival
  • BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance
  • Bovis Lend Lease
  • Bayer (BSP) Beijing
  • The Australian Meat Industry Council
  • Queensland Master Builders Association
  • AFL Queensland
  • Australia Post
  • ...(Chris North has) an uncanny ability to read a crowd an draw them out to "be" and "do" some of the funniest things...a positive, interactive and incredibly enjoyable event for all concerned.

  • Chris North proved to be the ultimate emcee - captivating the audience all evening with his wit and charm...

  • Chris has always provided us with a 1st class professional presentation

  • (Chris has) professional style and commanding presence...always

  • Everything Chris said and did was appropriate to us - it was as if he took on the persona of our staff

  • Chris blended in nicely. He presented our night as being all about us

  • Chris North provides an integral part to the professional output at our Annual awards night in Rockhampton. His MC skills are so well recognised we book him 12 Months in advance as not to be disappointed...